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Do you know the complete process of demolition of vehicles, dismantling and recycling? Please read through below. There are so many vehicles being made every year that the sheer numbers boggle the mind. We are talking about tens of millions. And they are all going to replace the constant flow of cars that enter scrap yards for the purpose of being destroyed. But is the work “destroyed” really a good descriptor for what happens to these automobiles? Surely, they aren’t simply annihilated, as all of the materials that make up the car to begin with will still exist. Shouldn’t they be re-used somehow? Anything less would be a waste!

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Well, it turns out that they are recycled, and that the word “destroyed” really was the wrong one to use. And they aren’t being recycled simply because it is the “right thing to do” either. There is a strong financial impetus, as the process makes the recyclers a lot of money. But what goes down at your local auto wrecking car recycling plant? Let’s find out!

The Parts that are Recycled at the Auto Wreckers

When a vehicle gets taken to the salvage yard, it may not end up getting dismantled and recycled. If the experts there think that it would make them more money to fix it and sell it as a second hand car, they will. But when they do decide to dismantle it, it is because there are parts on it that are in very bad condition that would require too much money to get fixed. At least, in relation to how much the vehicle is worth. Those are the parts that will not get recycled at the recycling plant, but will instead get recycled as scrap.

Steel gets recycled, as well as every other metal material that your car has been manufactured using. What about the glass? That gets recycled as well. The other part of your vehicle that can easily be recycled are the tyres. They get a good old recycling.

What Does the Recycling Process Entail?

A person decides that a vehicle needs to be completely dismantled when it looks like it can’t be fixed. The man-hours and labour would be worth more than the vehicle can be valued at. So they contact a cash for car company, otherwise known as the auto wrecking company closest to them. The company will happily give them a quote on how much the vehicle is worth if they would just give them the details about the cars age, condition, make and model.

If the owner of the vehicle accepts the quote, someone from the company goes to their place to give the vehicle a physical look-over. Just to ensure that the vehicle is really as the owner says it is, and to make a more in-depth valuation. A final offer is made based on this inspection, and the owner usually accepts this offer. Some auto wrecking companies are so good that they provide free removal once cash has changed hands!

Draining and Vehicle Dismantling is the Next Step

The majority of automobiles that find themselves at a salvage yard after a long life of being driven around are drained and dismantled. Why do the liquids need to be drained first? Because they would otherwise get all over the ground while the car is being dismantled. Then they would be hosed down and end up in the waterways and rivers, hurting the environment a whole lot. This is more than enough reason to do this.

What liquids are we talking about? Well, for one, there is usually some engine oil left over. And we can’t forget the coolant, not to mention the anti-freeze. Brake fluid, battery acid, and left-over petrol are all fluids that need to be drained before any dismantling is done.

Next, after draining is all done and dusted, the vehicle needs to be taken to pieces. The main concern that will be at the forefront of the auto wrecker’s minds will be what parts can be saved and what parts can’t. This will be so that they can sell second hand parts at a later date and make a lot of money as a result. Any parts that can’t be salvaged can still be recycled, they just can’t be recycled as those parts, but rather for the materials that make them up.

Second Hand Parts Sales and Material Scrapping

Vehicle dismantling places buy scrap cars so that they can make a living from selling the parts that they salvage from said vehicles. Fortunately, clunkers that are no longer any good for driving will still have plenty of parts on them that can be re-used. This is why they are often thought of as treasure troves. But what happens to the parts that are not in good enough condition to be sold as used vehicle components? Well, they can be recycled as well, don’t you worry. They will be sold as scrap metal.

The shell of the car ends up being crushed completely. After the crushing is finished, the shell is then shredded. Magnets are used in order to separate the different materials, namely the metals from non-metals. Then the metals themselves are grouped into their individual sorts, like nickel, steel, copper, and so forth.

Why This Is So Great for the Environment

The draining and storing of fluids help the environment a great deal. They are far better off being used again than they are in our waterways. Secondly, when metals are recycled, there is a resulting reduction in the need for their constituent ores to be mined. Mining uses up more resources and creates more pollution, by orders of magnitude, than recycling does.

Climate change is a looming slow-moving disaster that our future generations will be saddled with. It is probably too late to completely stop it now, but we can still attempt to lessen its impact by cutting down on the amount of carbon dioxide we release via the use of energy resources.

So, if you have scrap car, get it recycled with Top Cash for Cars Brisbane today!

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