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Posted By: Top Cash for Cars Brisbane | Posted On: June 13, 2017 | Category: upgrade a car | Tags: why buy electric cars

When it comes to having a top level of safety while driving, it is hard to beat the humble eco-friendly car. The main attraction seems to be the fact that they are run entirely on fuel, instead using electricity to shoulder the energy burden. Then there is the added incentive for driving them in the form of tax rebates. But the question that remains is this: what is the best type of eco-friendly car out there?


The different types of eco-friendly cars

Eco-friendly automobiles come in four different varieties. One is Electric, the other is Diesel, next we have biodiesel, and the last but not least is the humble hybrid car.

Electric cars

First up we have electric cars. They run entirely on electricity, as the name suggests. Of course, this means that you will not have to worry about filling the vehicle up with petrol. You won’t be completely off the hook, though, as they require charging. This is possibly the gold standard of eco-friendliness. But there is one major draw-back at this point in time. Charging stations aren’t all that common yet, confining a lot of owners to only driving them for short distances.

Diesel cars

Diesel vehicles are nothing new. They have been around for the most amount of time compared to the other three types of eco-friendly car. There are a few different benefits that are to be had from using diesel instead of petrol. The first is the fact that diesel is cheaper than petrol. You don’t need as much diesel in order to run your vehicle as opposed to the amount of petrol you would need to run a petrol powered machine. They are as much as twenty percent more efficient than petrol powered vehicles. Diesel powered machine also tend to be a lot more reliable, requiring less maintenance.

Biodiesel cars

Biodiesel is a fuel made from animal fat or vegetable oil. There is a specific method used to convert the oils described here into biodiesel, and it is transesterification. It is thought of as a more sustainable and environmentally friendly fuel source. It burns clean, and is renewable. However, it is more expensive than traditional fuel sources. But seeing as they produce less greenhouse gasses, biodiesel vehicles remain a hopeful mode of eco-friendly travel.

Hybrid cars

If all these vehicle types had a popularity contest, the hybrid car would win. They don’t produce as much of the harmful greenhouse emissions that are driving man made climate change. The amount of exhaust coming out is less in a hybrid machine. This is because it uses less fuel. And this isn’t only good for the environment, the planet, and therefore us. It is good for the bank account, because the driver is not buying as much petrol. Then there is the technology that makes the hybrid vehicle stand out, such as regenerative braking. This is where the very act of pumping the brakes helps to recharge the battery. However, they still cost more than normal automobiles, and maintenance is a lot more costly.

Finally, this is a good time to get rid of your old clunkers and replace it with the latest electric car. Sell your car for cash and save that money for the deposit on your new electric car.

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